Finally made public! This is an opportunity that allows beginners to join the world's top experts!
Do you want to earn over $10k a month quickly by becoming a top coach with official partnership with the world's #1 coach to set & achieve goals? WE WILL NOW LIMIT TO 20 APPLICATIONS!...
The application for the first class of the Success Coaching Certification program
This is the first and the last business opportunity for you to become a prestigious member of the coaching industry!
You will not only learn coaching from Michael; you will be an official partner of his and will succeed.
How much do you think a beginner coach can earn a month at most?
Sorry to test your common sense this early, but do you know how much even a coaching beginner can earn a month if s/he puts in the efforts and has a good connection? Can you imagine that amount of money coming to you? If you don't have a clear idea, review the numbers below: 
1. $45,575
2. $43,885
3. $39,245
4. $36,120
5. $34,435
What do you think these number stand for?

In fact, these numbers are the top 5 monthly salaries that the students of Michael's Coaching Certification Program received.   
Are you surprised?
The coaches who made this much money were originally total beginners without any experience, and what's even more fantastic is that those coaches earned those amounts only 4 days after they started learning with Michael!
Comments from Michael Bolduc Certified Coaches, including the most famous coaches in the Word
"Earned more than $200,000 within 2 months of the course "
"The number of my clients increased from 2 to 11 in 30 days after I started coaching with Michael. My contract rate jumped up to 68% as well. It took only two months for me to earn $200K with this coaching. "
- Tokiko Kobayashi
"Doubled His Income!""
"In my first whole month with Michael, I doubled my income! The second month with Michael I doubled it again! (a 400% increase)"
-- Tony Husted
"My consulting companies have exploded “100- fold.” 

Because of Michaels training and coaching I’ve never been happier. "

-- Chris Mentillo MSc DD
"Got a $240K contract right after starting this program"
I started this program in May of 2010, and one month later, I acquired 10 clients and a $240,000 contract. I was a first-timer to the coaching program, but I got great results. Currently, I have more than 30 clients, and they are as successful as myself. The days when I struggled to pay my debts every month seem like a bad dream now, and now, my days are full of happiness. I am focusing on delivering Michael's amazing skill sets to as many people as possible. I am truly feeling fulfilled by what I do.

-- Keiji Shiraishi
"Michael Uncovered My Personal Pattern of Success..."
...after that, it's so much easier to accomplish my short-term goals. Michael is able to understand what's blocking you from achieving success, so that you can achieve your goals. 

Patric Chan
Asia’s #1 Internet Marketer
From #3 to #1
“With Michael Bolduc’s Coaching & Training we were able to go from #3 real estate company to #1 in Phuket within 1 year.
- Andres Pira
Properly Developer
As these testimonies indicate, Michael's coaching method is step-by-step, and it is universally applicable regardless of gender or age. It works amazingly well even for the beginners. The numbers and their success stories have long been regarded as "legends" in the global coaching industry. However, that is already in the past.

Because what we are offering you now is the first class of the Michael Bolduc International Coaching Certification Program, which moves far beyond the previous certification programs.

Why Will You Succeed?
This new certification coaching program is a training program that is going to create the legends that transcend the existing legends Michael has ever coached.  

At the same time, this is a world-class business opportunity for you to start up a successful coaching business.

Why will you succeed? Because this Success Coaching Certification program not only lets you absorb coaching methods from Michael but also receive the entire necessary business package that makes you succeed so quickly by supporting clients' successes as Michael's official partner.

You can receive the following benefits by participating in the Success Coaching Certification Program, which are presented in detail.
What Makes This Program Different?
How do you feel? You must be overwhelmed by the huge amount of benefits available to you.

Note that it is only the first class students who can receive these benefits.

In fact, most of these opportunities haven't been offered in the past programs with a $6,500 participation fee.

More precisely, participants learned for the first 4 days and then practiced for a month. After that, they finished the program in the last 3 days. This was how the programs were structured.

The biggest difference between those programs and this program is that we added more time to offer more support, training, learning, and opportunities to answer your questions.

In other words, this Success Coaching Certification is a special program that supports your success more closely and thoroughly.

Therefore, we would like to show you the detailed contents of the program, but let us share the reason we are restoring the coaching certification program at this moment beforehand.
To be honest, we were going to quit offering this program.
Actually, Michael's certification coaching program was going to be inactive for a while.

Why? As simple as it is, the reason is because some entrepreneurs and coaches began delivering Michael's skills to other people after they learned coaching from Michael.

Please, do not misunderstand us. We are not criticizing those capable people. Rather, this is absolutely good news.

Because by those people spreading Michael's skills, his vision of "changing the world into a better place" comes closer to the realization.

Hence, by discovering such a movement worldwide, we were instructed by Michael that "since everybody else is doing a great job, let's not host coaching programs for a while."

So, why did we decide to restore this program?

It is because we have heard (even though it's partial) that there have been some problems in the movement.
Difference between the Original and the Fake
So, what was the problem?

Frankly, it was the performance of the clients.

"Although I have gotten some clients because of the training I received from those who were trained by Michael, I'm having a hard time assisting the clients' performances.” We have heard several stories like this recently.

Of course, this issue is occurring in only a small portion of the members who now practice Michael's skills.

Plus, the issue wouldn't even exist if we limit our focus to the income because most of them are making more income than they used to make.

However, as Michael has told everyone many times in CBM, the coaching business is a business in which you succeed by helping the clients succeed.

Of course, it is important that you make a profit, but it is more important that your clients perform excellently.

This is because the role of the coach is to support clients' success, and the success will strengthen you as the brand.

It is because of this reason that we want you to know the "core" of Michael's coaching method.
A Method that produces measurable results for every goal ...
The official name of Michael's coaching method is "Achieve Measurable Results." “Result” obviously refers to the outcome you will encounter.

So, the name means, in other words, to "produce the result that is visible and measurable." This is the unique feature and the core of Michael's coaching method. Specifically, you will get 2 types of results from Michael's method. 

 The first one is the result your clients want. 

 Michael completely commits himself to the performance of the client while utilizing a "step-by-step" strategy to support the client's achievement in any situation. This is the most important measurable result we want to produce. 
The Results of Coaching and the Success Coaching Certification Coaching Program: Why the World's Most Charismatic Figures Admire Them
The second one is the successful result of you as a coach. 

 We repeat this because it is significantly important to emphasize, but the task of a coach is to support clients' success. 

 That said, you wouldn't be able to lead the clients to success unless you know, as a coach, what the success really is and can exercise it. 

 Simply put, it is impossible for a coach who has never succeeded to lead the clients to success. 

 Generally, a person's influence won't extend beyond the reach that s/he has ever experienced in life. 

 This is a universal law that is undeniable regardless of the change in nation or culture. Therefore, it is your "necessary condition" to fulfill both types of measurable results, not only one of them, to become a top coach. 

 Regarding this method of coaching and this M.B.I program, we received the following reviews from the world's top charismatic figures. 
"If I had to start again from scratch. In such situation, I would learn from Michael and embody his teaching."
I have only 2 coaches who I learned from. One is Marshal Goldsmith, who is considered to be one of the world's top professional coaches today.

The other one is my friend Michael Bolduc. Michael is the world's best goal-achieving coach. He is the most effective and best coach who can teach how to set a goal and achieve it.
 "Guru of Sales,"who has done over 5000 lectures in 60 countries and published more than 60 books in 56 languages.
Watch Brian Tracy Endorsing Michael Below...
"The fact that Michael never finished his high school, yet went from broke to millionaire in just 3.5 years proves there are principles at play here that have nothing to do with a pedigree."
Teacher of "The Secret"
Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul & "The Success Principles"
Create the "legend that transcends the existing legends." This is what happened when we focused on this theme...
Sorry to repeat the same thing again and again, but this M.B.I Certification Coaching Program is a learning program and one of the world's best business opportunities that was designed to create the "legend that transcends the existing legends."

Therefore, we prepared the 4 steps of learning for the program both online and offline so that the M.B.I Certification Coaching Program first class can allow you to master Michael's "Result Coaching" perfectly.

What is the "Blend Learning System" that reproduces measurable goals 100% precisely?
"42 scientific modules" that establish the continuous learning system in your brain.
To begin with, we are introducing all of the necessary 42 modules that will make you the best coach.  

The content is like a "special manual for Michael's step-by-step coaching method" that is worth 10 times the information we delivered through the free videos.

The module, by the way, means the “component of the system.” So, these 42 modules are like jigsaw pieces that you need for succeeding as a top coach.

Please, don't be overwhelmed by having to master 42 modules.  

This Success Coaching Certification program is designed for those who have no knowledge of coaching to absorb all of the modules without failure. Your online seminar lasts only about 2 hours a week.   

This implies that if you study it each day, you would only have to watch 17 minutes a day to complete each module. Hence, this program produces the biggest results in a limited amount of time. 

There is no way that you will not be able to take full advantage of this program! By the way, we showed 5 jigsaw pieces of the free video in CBM, but as you could see, each one of Michael's step-by-step methods is very powerful. 

 When you complete all 42 jigsaw pieces, we guarantee that you will become the best coach in the country who earns the most. Next, we explain this in more detail. 

1st Week 
  • What were the words that changed Michael’s life? What was the turning point for a guy whose mom was murdered by his dad, got dysphemia, who was kicked out of his foster parents' house, and who was cutting the grass on a golf course for minimum wage? The life-changing words will definitely change your life as well.
  • This is what differentiates success from failure! If you think your life is not going well, that's because of this: the secret that made Michael succeed, which has become a fundamental core of his life and also the basics of the science of achievement is just to do xxx to give yourself power...
  • Make the impossible possible! A technology that makes a difference in a blink! When Michael visited doctors and therapists to cure his dysphemia, every professional told him that was "impossible"; however, after he tried doing this, he could cure his symptoms!! This method will absolutely help you solve the issue that you think is impossible now.
  • Tips for becoming a professional coach in a minute! What is O.P.E? Through trial and error of becoming a professional coach, it would take you at least 10 years to reach your goal; however, if you practice this O.P.E, it is not even impossible to become successful in much less than 10 years— in only 7 days!
  • The reason Michael continued to be confident during the seminar when the March 11 earthquake occurred. It is not the incident that controls us, but it is the XXX towards the incident that does. If you realize this truth, you would be able to control your emotions even if a magnitude 9.0 huge earthquake happens.
1. The Difference That Makes a Difference
  • The average salary of coaches with 5 years of experience is only $30K a year. Why can't they earn more? The reason is that they aren't capable of coaching themselves. Then, what is the best way to become a coach with over a $100K income a year? This is what differentiates success from failure! If you think your life is not going well, that's because of this: the secret that made Michael succeed, which has become a fundamental core of his life and also the basics of the science of achievement is just to do xxx to give yourself power... 
  • The secret to actualize the goals you set! Almost everybody, including you, has tried setting goals and achieving them. But the majority give up in the middle of the process. Here, we show you the magical questions that make you actualize the goals without giving up on them.
  • What is the way to succeed in coaching and the 9 obstacles? Here, we go over the possible obstacles you might encounter (Can I really be a coach? I cannot get clients. I cannot get results.) when you try to be a successful coach. At the same time, we guarantee that these challenges are something you can definitely overcome.
  • The difference between a low-income coach and a high-income coach is the leadership! What do great leaders do? The 5,000-year-old maxim will tell you what is different between the low-income coaches and high-income coaches and the average leaders and the great leaders.
  • A must-see tip when you need to hire a coach or a consultant! The method to distinguish real coaches from fake ones. If you learn this method, you can not only save your time and money on the scams but can also avoid the danger of limiting your possibilities. Interacting with real coaches will make you more successful.
2. How to Be an Excellent Student
  • What are the 4 levels of learning, the "law of repetition," and the "law of Measurement?” Here, we will teach you the principles that make your clients step up the stairs of success and unconsciously make a habit of succeeding. With this training, you will greatly help your clients achieve their goals. 
  • The myth "make somebody you admire your role model!" It is very dangerous to carelessly think that you can see the successful people around you as your role models. Why? Because there are cases in which they are unaware of the reason of xxx. We will teach you who you should see as a role model.
  • The method that cured a schizophrenic person by having him do this for only 10 minutes a day. Even if you are not schizophrenic, this method will fill you with motivation, wipe out your fears, and transform you into perfect condition.
  • What is the difference between the students who can produce results and those who cannot? The reasons for this difference are quite simple. But not a lot of people stick to these reasons. If you follow this fact, you will definitely get amazing results.
  • Can you declare to yourself that you are intelligent? This is the first step for becoming successful. "I am stupid," "I tried everything but failed after all…" We have a skill to change those who say these words in the blink of an eye. This skill will benefit both you and your clients. 
  • This is the most efficient content you want for getting more clients! If you do not have this content in your ads, you better incorporate it! This boosts your success rate of getting clients without a doubt.  
  • What is it that a coach who cannot lead clients to success does not do? Well, it would make a lot of sense to you if you learn this. All of us must have done this to ourselves; however, many coaches do not do all of this for their clients! You have to practice this with your clients now!
3. Coaching Map
  • The shortest path to becoming a master of coaching. The method to transplant Michael's success map into your head. We will teach you how to overcome obstacles in the process of becoming a better coach by giving you Michael's mental map.
  • Why did Michael decide to challenge the current industry of self-empowerment? Michael has seen a huge flaw ever since he began to Invest in those empowerment seminars and home study courses. What is the huge hole in this industry? And why is it that Michael's seminar can produce successful people? We will reveal this truth to you.
  • The technique to succeed by borrowing power from the genius! In this lecture, Michael will be a role model for a person who can win in the morning for those who are really bad at waking up early. With this, you will become an even more capable and efficient coach.
4. The History of Coaching
  • The science of achievement is cutting-edge technology. The world's best-selling book, "Think and Grow Rich," has given birth to numerous successful people but has turned out to have missed some points…But don't worry! Michael has succeeded in filling this gap to make you successful with a 100% guarantee.
  • What are the 3 beliefs that make you invincible and able to achieve goals? In other words, if you don’t have even one of these 3 beliefs, you will not succeed.
 2nd Week
5. What is coaching?
  • Mind-blowing words from Michael that challenge existing coaching philosophy! Some coaching schools teach things like "the clients already have answers. So coaches only have to ask them." But Michael sees this approach as "totally wrong." Why is it wrong?
6. Can I Become a Coach?
  • "Well, I don't have any experience." This is the O.P.E that makes clients realise that such a thing doesn't even matter. In fact, a lot of clients say this to their coaches. They will realize how absurd this sentence sounds and that there is no obstacle for them when you deliver this answer. Michael will tell you.
  • The real reason Einstein is genius. Do you think Einstein is a genius? All of us would answer yes because he discovered the theory of the Century; however, that is not the true reason. This is the reason he is genius…
  • The lack of xxx that coaches who don't get clients have in common. We tend to question whether the client can succeed or not when we hire the client. You wouldn't get the client if you take a certain action by ignoring this question. We will teach you a necessary tip for getting clients!
  • The skill to listen to others with a 100% focus. Be careful if you think you are one of those who tend to think about their own presentation while they are supposed to listen to others. We will teach you how to listen, which is a crucial skill for becoming a better coach.
7. The Reason People Want Coaching
  • 5 reasons people hire coaches. There are no more than 5 reasons people hire coaches. By learning those five reasons and identifying which one your candidate has in his/her mind, you can create a rapport that fits the candidate's orientation. Thus, the candidate would trust you more and have a much higher potential for becoming your client.
  • Check point to avoid hiring scum. There was a guy who offered cooperation for Michael. He verbally said it was easy to gather people to attend Michael's seminar, but in the end, he couldn't gather enough people and had to cancel it. Michael could instantly discern his impotence, but how did he do it?
3rd Week
8. The First Coaching Session
  • What are the 16 steps to get good clients without advertising too much? Here, we will show you all 16 steps that Michael uses to get clients. These steps always make candidates want coaching. Learn the steps, and practice them with your candidates!
  • Questioning is the secret to controlling a conversation! But how do you answer when your clients ask a question? It is the questioner who controls the conversation. Therefore, you always need to ask questions and control the conversation as a coach, but here, we will guide you in how to answer when you are asked questions by your clients.
  • What is the Peak State, the first of the 16 steps? This is what you have to do before meeting your client candidates. Regardless of how good your coaching skills are, you cannot miss this step. This is the method that makes Michael a top coach.
  • 4 self-questionings that maximize your influence over clients. If you can't focus on coaching, your clients will have a hard time achieving their goals. This course will show you 4 questions that make you an expert in assisting your clients in achieving their goals.
  • One of the coaching skills you should master! What is mind reading, and what should you be careful of when you use it? This course is designed to tell you the things you should keep your eyes on when you use mind reading. The more you feel confident about reading clients' minds, the more you should be aware of this.
  • Easy method to increase the success rate of mind reading. Though it is dangerous to rely on mind reading, if you can increase its success rate, your client candidates will definitely lean toward you. Here, we will teach you an easy way to increase the success rate.
  • An important phrase that makes candidates believe they need to hire a coach.  Michael always has a strategic intention when he asks questions of the candidates. On the other hand, unsuccessful coaches often ask random questions. Here, we will teach you one important phrase you need to strategically get clients.
  • Paradox? The candidate's answer is "not" important. Usually, we think that the candidate's answer is important to consider and we should appropriately deal with it. But Michael completely denies it. Why does he disagree?
  • What should you keep pulling out of your client candidate? This course is not only useful for getting clients but also for any negotiation. A must see!
  • Don't take advantage of this! The method to make even an indifferent person listen to you carefully. It is hard for an opinion to reach a candidate's heart, but by using this method, you can make them listen to you without causing doubt in their minds. This method can even create a trance, so do not take advantage of this skill!
  • This is even more potentially dangerous! How you make it more powerful? This course will show you how to even escalate the method in the previous course.
  • How to control talkative clients. There are some clients who just cannot stop going in many directions when they answer a question. This course will show you a tip to get back onto the original track without hurting their feelings.
 4th Week
9. Coaching Clients Who Have No Goals
  • What are the life circle and the change signal that clarify the objective of your clients who have no goals? Some clients are unclear about where they should start, but if you use this method, their problems are solved!
  • How to raise a standard that's essential for achieving goals. "Should do this" is not enough for achieving goals; we have to make it "must do this." In fact, even "must do this" is not enough…we will show you the essential points for achieving goals!
  • How to make uncommitted clients more serious. Have you ever suffered in a situation in which you are determined to do something, but you cannot take necessary actions? If your clients are in this status, Michael will demonstrate how you should react to them.
  • 2 questions that remove limiting beliefs. In the past, Michael seriously believed that he had to be tall to succeed; however, this limiting belief instantly vanished when his coach asked him 2 questions. Please answer these two questions to eliminate your own limiting beliefs.
  • Michael's live demonstration! How to close client candidates. Here, Michael closes seminar participants in the coaching course. You can learn how a top coach actually get his clients.
10. Setting the Price and Proposal for Coaching
  • Price/Creating Proposal/Getting Appointments. We will release the precious information for you to be able to start up as a coach, such as deciding on a coaching price, making a proposal, and getting appointments.
  • The most dangerous word of all…aka "a loser's phrase." You cannot use this word in any situation! Nor can you let your clients use it! But, if you already have a habit of using the word, here's the method you can practice—even though it might seem absurd at first—to eliminate this destructive habit!
  • The secret of why Michael uses bad words. Michael sometimes uses really bad words. But, of course, he has a reason for that. What is the reason and the correct timing for using those bad words in your work?
  • The one phrase that takes away the hesitance of your client candidates who do not want to pay the coaching price. Everyone has a different value for money. Some clients are aware of the importance of investing themselves, but others are not. In this section, we will teach you a magic word that makes the latter realize the importance of self-investment!
  • The secret phrase "Just prepare your options!" that make it much easier to get appointments from your candidates. The world's top salesman uses this method. This method will help you get coaching appointments like you're supposed to get— many of them every day!
11. How to Follow-Up with Prospective Clients
  • Secret to increase sales by 50% by following up. If you don't get commitments, learn how to follow-up with them by email and phone. You can double your sales by strengthening your follow-ups.
12. How to Get Appointments
  • Strategic questions to control conversations and preparation for any response. The reason 90% of coaches fail is because they cannot control appointments. We will teach you the list of questions that increase your influence and control the conversation for getting appointments!
5th Week 
13. Perfect Distortion of Reality
  • Knowing the distorted mechanism of our brain that deals with 134 bytes of information per second. What is the "distortion" that creates negatives of us and clients? We will also explain the three systems (VAK) that distort reality.
14. How to Diagnose the Distortion
  • Assessment sheet method to profile clients and create breakthroughs. This is how to diagnose clients' distortions (limiting belief) that you will eventually have to eliminate when you coach. This is also how you identify emotion and value for success and create breakthroughs.
15. Coaching by Personality Types
  • The effective coaching method that works with 4 personality types! Basically, all clients can be grouped into 4 types. Each type needs a different coaching method that works effectively. You will learn the best coaching method for your clients, and it will absolutely boost their achievements!
 6th Week
15. Coaching by Personality Types
  • What are the two coaching models and the four coaching tools? To coach for excellent results, we need to overcome the emotional and strategic issues that our clients face. This course will cover the two coaching models and the four tools of "success psychology," "science of change," "mastery of communication," and "mental map."
17. The Ultimate Law of Success
  • There is no failure! You only get feedbacks! What is the ultimate law of success? What is the "ultimate law of success" that is essential for clients to achieve their goals? This module shows how to take advantage of the coaching skills, which is not covered in the free webinar. It will also answer how to cope with the clients' unexpected incidents that cause them hardship and sorrow.
18. Science of Change (Law of ABC)
  • Associational Behavior of Custom [ABC] 7 steps: Matching and Mirroring are both techniques that improve the meaning process and a client's status, but which is stronger? How can we relate to pain and pleasure? What if we need to break the pattern? How can we make use of our sensory acuity? This module is full of useful content that will improve your coaching skills.
7th Week
19. Become an Effective Communicator
  • What are the pacing, leading, and physiology techniques that improve the quality of communication? If you don't get the client reactions you want, you need to change your communication style. This is when you need physiology. Why is physiology effective in this case?
  • Why do we not put what we learn from seminars into practice? The secret to make the most out of what we learn. We have been deceived by a big lie: that information is power. In fact, there is only one thing that empowers us. What is the secret to definitely applying what we learn from seminars to real life?  
  • Seminar accident!? Why they made such crazy decisions. There was one incident in which a client's problem was not solved in the public coaching of Michael's seminar. So, he continued coaching for 2 hours and solved the problem. Of course, it interrupted the seminar's schedule, but why did he take such an action? This is the most important talent to have as a coach.
20. Meta Modeling (How to cope with distortion, deletion, and generalisation)
  • The "Meta Modeling" that helps deadlocked clients and the solution for the "5 triggers" that get in your way. This module introduces the meta modeling method, which corrects clients who are under stress or deadlock. It also reveals how you can use counter examples that eliminate one's own limiting belief.
  • Use rather ambiguous phrases that usually limit possibility. Unclear language is the common symptom for people who have problems; however, if it's used correctly, it can produce a magical hibernation and motivation. This course will teach you the moments you should use the benefit of ambiguous phrases.
  • The way Michael defeated his own limiting belief at young age. When he decided to be a coach, he believed he wouldn't be able to succeed unless he was tall. The reason is because his coach was over 6'5. How did he overcome his limiting belief? By learning from his experience, you can expand your strategy to deal with limiting beliefs!!
8th Week
21. How to Organize Your Coaching Program
  • Client checklist and the approach to unmotivated clients. To achieve goals, clients need a system in which they can take actions. This course goes over the client management checklist, offers step-by-step advice, and provides check sheets that all support the clients in achieving their goals as well as an approach to fire-up unmotivated clients. Why do we not put what we learn from seminars into practice? 
22. Preparation Form before Coaching
  • What is the form that is necessary for productive coaching? Michael never misses this preparation that we go over here; however, most coaches do not practice this. Even a world-class coach like Michael does this all the time, so please don't forget to practice this preparation to contribute your clients' success.
23. The Essential 9 Steps for Each Coaching Session
  • Follow these 9 steps for every coaching session! Michael's coaching always proceeds with the same steps. He does not change the steps on a whim. On the other hand, unsuccessful coaches change their steps all the time. We want you to incorporate Michael's steps as your winning form!
  • All successful and influential people do this: "Future Pacing." Most of those who know this only do the visual imagery training; however, in this module, we teach you
9th Week
24. How to Increase Motivation
  • 7 main obstacles clients face and their solutions. There is a pattern in the number of obstacles clients encounter while they strive to reach their goals. This course will teach you the solution for each problem as well as how to make an effective vision board to help clients reach a high motivation.
  • Is it bad to feel comfortable? The reason that comfort kills motivation! So, here is the Question: what is your degree of comfort from 0 to 100? If it's around 70, you should be careful! Because your life might not improve…we will tell you how to tackle feeling too comfortable.
  • Why incantation is 10,000 times more effective than hypnosis or affirmation. Michael asserts that "it is the incantation that made me realize a 600% increase in my income in two months! It's a waste to join this seminar if you do not use incantation." Why does he admire incantation this much?
  • This accelerates clients' goal accomplishments! How to make a visionary board and things to keep in mind. Though using this board with incantation will definitely assist clients in reaching their goals, there are some points we can never forget when making the board. Be careful because the effect would be less than half if we miss these steps!
25. Change Beliefs
  • Question list that specifies your client's limiting belief and eliminates it. You need to get rid of your client's limiting belief in the first coaching session. This course teaches you how to use the meta model to erase limiting beliefs and the entire sequence of identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs.
  • The trap of thinking of an issue as an issue and how to overcome it. Actually, there are some patterns for us to recognize an issue as an issue. And there are only three. Please identify which pattern your clients are likely to fall into.
26. Create Effective Plans
  • What is "chunking," which is necessary for planning the fastest goal accomplishment? This is the method every genius and successful winner uses. This course introduces you to a sample project plan, so model your successful plans from it!
  • 3 commitments you have to implement before each coaching session ends. You have to do this if you want to make your clients achieve their goals!
10th Week
27. Make a Habit of Succeeding
  • What are 9 obstacles that keep clients from achieving goals, and what is the habit of succeeding? Clients face some of these 9 obstacles on their way to success. So, you need to anticipate which one will be in the way and try to eliminate it in advance. Here, we show you the details of the obstacles and how to master the habit of succeeding.
28. Control Your Emotions
  • Essential for achieving goals! Method to move from the status you don't want to that you want and the "emotion tracking sheet." You need to keep being positive to achieve your goals. But, in reality, you sometimes become very negative. Here, we will teach you the tool that makes you consistently positive.
  • The infinite negative loop! What is the crazy 8 that you should never become? Get angry -> Get tired -> Get sad -> Get angry…Those who are in this vicious cycle are in this status to satisfy a certain desire. And, eventually, they go for transient pleasure…You only need this one phrase to save them from the situation!
29. Situational Coaching
  • Your clients need help! Then break their limiting beliefs by the ultimate law of success and meta modeling! It is when something really bad happens to your clients and they have negative emotions that you need to know how to get them back to the success orbit.
  • Speed situational coaching sessions done directly by Michael! Situational coaching deals with some specific situations, such as feedback, problems, and some painful incidents. Here, we will show how Michael's "stopping the pattern" has eliminated his client's traumatic events as well as some additional unique skills.
30. 9 Reasons Coaches Fail
  • Solutions for 9 common mistakes of coaches. Just like clients have patterns in their obstacles, there are 9 patterns of coaches' mistakes. You can prevent them by learning their causes and solutions here.
11th Week
31. How to Create Your Strong Coaching Brand
  • What is the identity triangle that brands you? In society today, which is full of exaggerating advertisements, people crave honesty. We will teach you a branding strategy that will increase your clients and maximize your capabilities as a coach.
32. The Secret Formula to Earning $100K Coaching
  • It's just a mathematical game to achieve $100K. It is not difficult at all if you calculate each step from your goal! This course will teach you the secret formula and the implementation method to achieve $100K. In fact, your annual income is decided by three factors, and we will show you the "Marketing Ability Rating Sheet" that maximizes each factor!
33. How to Make a High-quality Large Database
  • The 8 methods to get the visitors' email addresses. This course will introduce you to the famous 8 methods that even successful internet marketers use to get clients. Get a huge number of clients by using the "XX Offer" that everyone loves to see!  
34. Science of Mail Marketing
  • Necessary for getting clients! What is the content of the most effective email? You will learn how to write and send the result-promised email that not only Michael uses but his disciples use as well.
35. The Secret to Create a Best-selling Coaching Website
  • You can get a lucrative website by learning this! The 27 tips for creating a website. It is not only the coaching that Michael does scientifically. The same applies to productive websites for coaches. This course will teach you the effective 27 steps that Michael experimented with and produced results, including the 39% increase in the success rate.
12th Week
36. How to Get Feedback from Website Visitors
  • "Ask for Feedback" strategy that makes website visitors who didn't become clients your precious resource. Even the top-level internet marketers do not use this method…This is the essential strategy that promises your site's success!
37. How to Create "Thirsty" Website Visitors
  • Brainstorming tactic to gather your client candidates from your website. We will show you must-see information for your coaching career, such as the minimum line for the success rate and the amount to spend getting clients.
38. Establishing a Coaching Business by Referral
  • No Ads cost! 2 effective strategies to get a number of referrals. A referral is a strong weapon to increase your income without any cost. It is essential to ask and suggest at the best time to get referrals. Here, we will tell you the two effective methods for getting referrals.
39. How to Get Clients by Using a Network
  • Business cards that are effective for getting clients and a "pre-frame" to get a free trial of coaching. Here, we will show you the business card of Hirosumi Yoshida, the CEO of Michael Bolduc Japan. Make your business card more effective by learning from this proven strategy!
40. How to Succeed by Direct Email
  • Analyze Michael's direct emails! The secret of direct emails to get clients! Michael's direct email is full of effective tricks and "key phrases" that are never seen in usual direct emails but that boost success rates. Learn this, and make the best direct email that always gets you clients!
 LAST Week
41. How to Manage Clients' Success
  • What is the smart method to manage your clients' success? When the number of your clients increases, it gets more complicated to manage them. Nevertheless, you can set the golden rule of managing in the initial period to prevent any stress or trouble. This course will reveal the successful management system Michael recommends.
42. Q&A by Clients
  • 15 questions to Michael. This course will share 15 Q&As that were posted by new coaches just like you. By learning from Michael's answers, you can further strengthen your determination to become a successful coach and eventually get the best results!
"Get Your Client" Challenge
Now it is time for you to practice Michael's skills and test your real abilities!

We will make you try to get your clients by using the 16 detailed steps to get paid clients that M.B.I taught.

Later in the 2-Day Seminar, you guys will share your results, so push yourself to rank high!
The mop-up & completion test to become a  Certified Success Coach by visiting Michael to Thailand for the "Mop-Up" 2-Day Seminar "Success Coaching Intensive Bootcamp"
LIVE EVENT: August 5-6, 2017
Here is what you will learn:
  •  How to make a change instantly
  •  How to get rid of the "Limiting Belief" more quickly and easily
  •  How to overcome the obstacles (the law of cause and effect)
  •  How to control your emotions from unwanted to wanted
  •  How to question correctly
  •  Live coaching sessions (at least 1 case a day)
  •  NLP Training (especially important for coaching)
  •  Verbal package, pacing, reading, pattern interruption, etc. 
  •  Understand how motivation works
  •  The ultimate law of success
  •  Control the pain and pleasure, a psychology of meaning
  •  Goal setting workshop
  •  Effective teaching
  •  How to make a habit
  •  Q&A with participants
Please note that ONLY this 2-Day Seminar will provide the opportunity for you to learn the NLP technique directly by Michael, who is the NLP trainer.

Also, this seminar will again offer M.B.I students live coaching. After learning the 42 modules and actually experiencing Michael's coaching, you will further observe:
August 7, 2017
Visit Michael at His Dream House...
Half-Day Coaching Session at Michael's House:
  • Get totally committed to S.M.A.R.T. Goal
  •  Breakthrough whatever obstacles stopped you in the past
  • Create a custom-made incantation to program your unconscious mind 
  •  Make an effective plan to achieve your most important target
  •  Get clear on what success-habits you need to create to win
The world's top-level luxurious benefits for free!
(Valued at $997)
 Discover secrets for getting traffic to your website, and how to convert those leads into a six-figure income business. 
  • Get tons of traffics
  • Get Thousands of Leads
  • Make As Many Appointments as You Need!
(Valued at $195)
We will give you the complete version of "The secret of personal branding by the world's top expert" totally free.

This is the only one in the world that shows the interview between Brian Tracy and Michael Bolduc, who talk about how to brand as a successful coach. 

You will absolutely succeed in your business by making use of their branding strategy!
(Usually Sells for $2,000/hour)
  • Get the best solutions to your biggest challenges from a millionaire master coach with experience coaching 2,300+ clients.
  • Get the breakthroughs you need to reach the next level of success you desire!
  • Enjoy knowing the specific actions you need to take to reach your biggest goals.
(Valued at $797)
Michael's seminar "Science of Achievement" was always full despite the expensive participation fee. The Success Mastery Program archives the ultimate version of the legendary seminar, which unfortunately ended in May 2011.
(Valued at $997)
(Valued at $397)
(Valued at $1,997)
  • Copy a website that has made MILLIONS in revenue.
  • It Has a High Conversion Rate .
  • Get ALL the leads you need to succeed .
TOTAL VALUE: $17,176 
This is the first and last 
"least expensive offer" 
before we raise our price
to $10,000 price tag
Lastly, let's talk about the participation fee.

When I talked with Michael, there were two ideas for the Certified Success Coaching First Class participation fee. The first idea was to exclude Michael's coaching session but include all of the other special offers, and the fee was $5,000 USD.

This is because we judged that the program would deliver methods in more detail and would provide many merits that we haven't offered before, so the cost would be worthy.

The second idea was to provide the package with Michael's coaching session with the price of $6,500. Usually, it costs is $2,000 per hour for Michael's coaching; thus, we decided to set the price as $7,000…still, these two ideas were not adopted.

This is because Michael suggested another option to me the other day when we hosted the unexpected seminar with him: "Hiro, let's think about our plan from scratch again. This  Certified Success Coaching First Class has to be offered with the price that's possible for all of the seminar members to pay if they commit themselves. 

Let's prove with this program that everybody has a chance to succeed. " After discussing it with Michael, we decided to set the price at $1,997, Less than half of what the previous certification programs cost and ONLY for this first class. *Warning: You can choose to pay either by bank account or credit card. 

If you choose to pay by Paypal, there are options for 6 payments instead of the lump sum. For example, if you pay 6 instalments, you will pay $382 monthly. This offer is only for this program. And it is the first and last time that Michael himself will provide his power coaching session for free. So…
Please achieve an "extraordinary" life with this world-class business opportunity!
We want you to succeed as an M.B.I Certified Coaching First Class member.  

That is the sincere and honest wish of Michael and me.  

And we want you to not only make money but also achieve an "extraordinary" life, as Michael mentioned in the video message at the beginning. 

With this in mind, the M.B.I Certified Coaching First Class has been developing the best program that provides world-class learning and business opportunities that no other program has ever offered.

Hence, by joining this fantastic first class, you will get:
  • The ability to produce the result your clients want by mastering Michael's step-by-step coaching skills.
  • The chance to start this as your side business if you're currently employed and eventually to develop it into your successful career without any risk.
  • To develop your business if you're a business owner by applying Michael's world-class coaching skills to your management and employees.
  • A bigger income regardless of this being your side business or main career.
  • The taste of an "extraordinary life" of succeeding by contributing to others.
  • To master the "scientific self-coaching skill" that solves not only your clients' problems but also your problems.
These overwhelming merits are going to be all yours!!

However, there is one thing we should warn you about. It's the class capacity. Due to the maximized amount of support we can afford, this class only accepts 80 students in total. 

Currently, the WEBINAR has 3,000 participants. This means only 5% of the entire number of participants has an opportunity to get into this class. 

Therefore, if you are ready to commit yourself, please do not waste this opportunity right in front of you. This is a chance that you can receive simply by committing yourself and taking action. 

And if you want to improve your life now, master Michael's skills and create your supreme future yourself. We are more than excited to welcome you to the Certified Success Coach first class. 
Michael sent a message for the potential program participants like you.
This message is a celebration of your determination for taking action to succeed as well as the secret for you to become a top-level coach. Please read his passionate message.
"To My Dear Friends Who Join the Success Coaching Certification First Class"
In order to succeed, you have to be in a status of commitment. You have to commit yourself to the mastery.

Because most people quit after trying for a little bit. They say they want to change their lives and earn more money,  but they don't take action.

We have to make consistent decisions and have a consistent commitment.

The moment you decide it, your life changes. The change starts at the moment you make up your mind.

And this change will differentiate the direction of your life. You might feel that the change is very small at the beginning, but it will grow substantially after 3 months, 5 years, and even 10 years.

A little change creates a huge difference in life.

Once you understand the importance of commitment, you will make many important decisions. And by making more decisions, you will be able to obtain more success and happiness.

My result coaching method is completely suited for you.

By learning the step-by-step system, you can produce the same results as mine. A strategy is like a cooking recipe. If you understand it, you can demonstrate it and create the same result.

So, you can do the same. This program contains all content related to marketing, such as the method for quick change, result coaching, marketing therapy business, deciding on a coaching price, and establishing your brand. 

It teaches you the psychology of success. You will also have to study more to master other successful skills.

If you want to step up higher, move to a next level, achieve more success, more happiness, and life's ultimate goal, if you want to be the best you can ever imagine, master emotions and life events, and want to be a partner of the Michael Bolduc International, just seize this opportunity of becoming an official partner of Michael’s!

From there, a new journey that will transform your life forever begins. Your commitment today will give you immeasurable success and happiness. You, who decided to be an excellent coach and master your life, will be able to enjoy your extraordinary life.

And we all should be leaders of passion who are committed to improving this world.

This is my ultimate goal, and the future that I want to accomplish with you.

Please enjoy your extraordinary life. And commit yourself to the mastery.

I will see you at the last lesson of the M.B.I Certified Coaching First Class and 2-Day Seminar.

To your success & happiness,
Michael Bolduc
Reserve Your Spot For The 
'Coaching Business System' and Success Coaching Certification NOW!
Lastly, we will answer questions to eliminate your uncertainty.
I've never done this before, but can I still do it?
Of course. As the previous participants have proven, it is highly possible that a beginner can eventually earn over 10K a month. Michael's result coaching system is also designed so that those who don't have any coaching knowledge can learn from all of the modules without problems.
Are there any extra charges in addition to participation fee?
No. We will not charge anything else besides transportation and hotel costs for joining the seminar. This program is centered on the online video lectures, so you don't have to purchase any textbooks. Please, do not worry.
Can I start this career as my side business?
Yes! Michael actually recommends for you to start it as your side business. The majority of the past participants also had this as their side business. Please start this career by using your time on weekends but not by quitting your current job. You should not risk anything for this. Even as a side business, you can earn 10K a month with this program.
I'm over 60, but am I still qualified to be a coach?
It doesn't matter how old you are. Rather, we believe that the more life experiences you have, the more you can provide better services. And for this career, you don't have to have complex knowledge, such as in an IT or a marketing field, but if you have the minimum skills to use emails and blogs, you can brand yourself strongly. Please make full use of your experiences and start your career as a coach.
I am just a housewife. Am I qualified to take this program?
There are many successful coaches who are just housewives.

There is even a program student who is now coaching parenting kids now.

Michael's result coaching will also teach you the communication skills for leading a family, problem solving, and eliminating the "limiting belief."

Above all, you should take advantage of the coaching skills for yourself.

It is yourself that you are going to coach first. By learning this coaching skill, you will accomplish any result you want.

Just so you know, in the past, there were many participants who weren't planning to be coaches. They joined for applying coaching skills to their own fields.
How can I make use of the coaching certification?
Becoming a M.B.I certified coach means that you will have a relationship with the world's best goal-achieving coach, Michael Bolduc.

Michael's result coaching has coached over 1,000 people and assisted their accomplishments with a proven coaching system.

You don't have to brand yourself from scratch since you are able to affiliate yourself with Michael’s strong existing brand.

By connecting with Michael Bolduc's coaching brand, you can get both public recognition and the best goal-achieving system at the same time.  

Furthermore, after you are certified, we will upload your name, photo, and URL to our official website. 

This will attract more potential customers who see our website. You can also mention in your presentation that you are affiliated with Michael Bolduc International.
I live far from Bangkok. Can I still participate?
Yes, there is no problem.

We will release all of the 42 modules as online videos. 

The 2-day seminar will take place in Bangkok.
I am worried that I cannot learn the entire 42 modules…
Please, do not worry. You will only study around 2 hours a week for this program.

This means that if you decide to study every day,  you will finish your study in only 17 Minutes per day. 

The program is designed to produce maximum results with a small amount of learning.
What if I fail the exam?
You can retake the exam in that case. The second exam will take place within 3 months after finishing the program. 

And, of course, we will be very aware of your progress level. Also, the questions will not require complex and difficult expertise. 

All of Michael's success rules and coaching methods are so universal that everyone can understand easily.

Therefore, even if you are a first-timer to coaching, the eLearning will definitely assist you pass the exam.

Passing the exam will make you Michael’s official partner, and you can confidently brand yourself as a certified success coach and pursue a career as a top coach across the globe.

So, please keep learning with a high motivation for the future after taking exam, rather than worrying about the exam itself!

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